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In 2014, New York State had almost 300,000 automobile accidents with 118,465 leading to serious injuries. According to the Accident Data Center, in 2016 there have been 88 car accidents in Erie County, 28 of which happened in Buffalo several of which led to serious injury and death.

The Buffalo based personal injury attorneys at Wellborn Paluch have helped auto accident victims recover damages in a variety of auto accident cases. Though the facts in every case are different, having an experienced, local attorney by your side can make all the difference when it is time to negotiate a fair settlement or try a case in front of a local jury.

Car Crash in Buffalo 

In the days after an accident, an attorney can help you gather and preserve evidence that shows who was responsible for the accident, initiate contact with the insurance companies involved (yours and often that of the other party), and assist you with all the other legal paperwork that distracts you from what should be your main focus: recovering from your injuries.

Having one of our auto accident attorneys by your side also ensures all of your injuries - loss of income, physical impairment, quality of life, and overall pain and suffering - are properly documented to maximize your rightful recovery.

As your claim progresses, our auto accident lawyers can help you answer the many questions posed by the insurance companies and other parties involved. Using evidence gathered from the time of the accident and throughout treatment ensures accuracy and speeds settlement.

Many people accept settlements well below what they deserve for their injuries because they have no frame of reference for what their claim may actually be worth. Based on past experiences, our Buffalo auto accident attorneys will be able to tell you if the settlement offer you are receiving is fair.

If you are being pressured into taking a low settlement, having a car accident lawyer that knows what your claim is worth and the odds of a local jury awarding you that amount at trial is critical. When the other side knows your attorney is willing to go to trial, and that you have the evidence to back up your claim in court, they will get serious about offering a fair settlement. If the other side does not offer a proper settlement, the experienced accident attorneys at Wellborn Paluch can aggressively advocate on your behalf in court.

Experienced Auto Accident Lawyers Serving Buffalo Suburbs

From the accident scene to the settlement, and if necessary the court room, the accident attorneys at Wellborn Paluch have the experience necessary to help you and your loved ones get the compensation you deserve for your auto accident injuries. Their Western New York based practice ensures they can be on the scene in minutes to gather evidence whether your accident took place in Cheektowaga, Buffalo or even as far as Rochester, and will stay with you every step of the way so you do not have to make difficult decisions without your attorney at your side.

If you or one of your loved ones was injured in an automobile accident, please do not hesitate to call the Buffalo, New York auto accident attorneys at Wellborn Paluch today at (toll free) 1-844-855-HURT or 716-254-2554 for a free consultation.

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